Charter Bell 505 Helicopter to Halong Bay from Hanoi for Professional Tourists
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There are some ways to travel to Halong Bay from Hanoi, and the helicopter tour with Bell 505 is one of the best options that are worth every dollar and cent. Once the two Bell 505 Jet Range X helicopters have been bought by the Northern Vietnam Helicopter (VNH), the aircraft will serve the scenic transfer from the capital city to the UNESCO Bay in a world-class standard. While the bird’s-eye sightseeing is incredible for sure, the flight is comfortable and private. Thinking of the special way to land in “the Bay of Descending Dragon”? Charter Bell 505 Helicopter to Halong Bay from Hanoi on 01 March 2019 now!

Helicopter Tours to Halong Bay

Being celebrated in a worldwide context, Halong Bay is surely captivating and full of natural highlights that keep surprising visitors. The destination has gifts of the emerald sea, limestone towers, and exquisite islands, mysterious grottoes of stalagmites and stalactites, and idyllic floating villages. Each gift of Nature makes up the magnetic Bay to contemplate all year round via cruising and flying. Helicopter Tours to Halong Bay are what tourists need to view the spectacular panorama of the destination in an uninterrupted way, just like a free little bird. The transfer from Hanoi to Halong becomes as smooth and easy as wished, which you stay on the high-end aircraft and enjoy the bird’s-eye sightseeing. So if the budget says YES, reward yourself with the fantastic and professional Halong helicopter tours to stay still in the air and feast eyes on the bewitching scenery.

Private Tour by Bell 505 Helicopter to Halong Bay from Hanoi

Private Tour by Bell 505 Helicopter to Halong Bay from Hanoi

Charter Bell 505 Jet Range X Helicopters to Halong Bay

The VNH bought two Bell 505 helicopters, and each is worth approximately 1.7 million USD that guarantees the ease, speed, and vista. The Bell 505 is the five-seat helicopter that can serve a maximum of four passengers, and it is in service for charter to Halong from Hanoi. Know that it is the latest light model produced by the famous Bell Helicopter! Some of its outstanding characteristics are the aerodynamic rotor system of Bell 206L-4 within 02 wings, FADEC engine controller technology, and Safran HE Arrius 2R Engine. At the maximum, the model offers the speed of 232 km/h and the ceiling of 5.672m. Its dimension is 10.53m long, 1.52m wide, and 3.25m high. Holding a maximum of 04 passengers, the Bell 505 Helicopter for charter to Halong is equipped with the seatbelt, head cover, and area for stretching your legs. All highlights of comfort, safety, speed, and design make the Bell 505 an unrivaled option to fly to the legendary Bay of the Dragon.

Ha Long Bay View from helicopter

Ha Long Bay View from helicopter

Hanoi – Halong Bay Helicopter Tours with Bell 505

Make your next vacation different and unique by going onboard the Bell 505 that will fly from Hanoi to Halong Bay on 01 March 2019! It is the professional flight that can please the upscale passengers who want the “expensive yet worthy” travel. Experiencing the Hanoi – Halong Bay Helicopter Tours with Bell 505, you will get what you pay for the upscale services which are available in two kinds. First, the Bell 505 will be scheduled to fly from Gia Lam heliport (Hanoi) to Tuan Chau (Halong), taking around 1 hour 35 minutes. Second, you can opt for the scenic flight from Tuan Chau and over the spectacular sites in 12 minutes – 40 minutes due to your preferences.

Treat yourself well by reserving your seat on the Bell 505 helicopter to fly to Halong on 01 March 2019, and you will enjoy a journey of distinction. Did you know that the Halong Bay scenes were once displayed on the Hollywood movies? Contact now, this is your turn to create your own episodes of charter helicopter to Halong Bay from Hanoi on the top Bell 505.

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