The Mi-17 helicopter is quite often recommended for a helicopter tour in Vietnam. Handled by Vietnam Northen Service Flight Company (VNH NORTH), Vietnam Helitours will charter this helicopter for your private tour to Halong Bay, Sapa and Mai Chau.

The Mi-17 is capable of carrying cargoes in the cabin (including long cargo) with half-open or removed doors, external loads, or passengers (24 people). It can also be used for in-flight unloading of special cargoes.

The transport version of the MI-17 helicopter is intended to carry cargoes (loads) in the cargo compartment, including long-size cargo with partially- opened or removed cargo doors, external loads, or executives (up to 24 persons). Interior seats are removable for cargo carrying. The rear clamshell doors open, an internal winch facilitates loading of heavy freight. Floor has tie down rings throughout. The aircraft carries a rescue hoist capable to 150 kg.

Inside the helicopter MI172, feed up to 24 passengers

Inside the helicopter MI172, feed up to 24 passengers


Helicopter MI17 specifications

Country of Origin Russia
 Builder  Mil
 Date of Introduction 1995 and 1996
 Capacity  3 pilot + 24 passengers
Weight  Maximum Gross: 13,000 kg
Normal Takeoff: 11,100 kg
 Maximum cargo swing load  3000 kg
 Power Plant  02 Turboshaft TB3 – 117BM
 Maximum speed  250 km/h
 Fast cruise speed (at max. weight)  220 km/h
 AVIONICS  The Mi-17 is equipped with instruments, avionics, Doppler radar, and a fully functioning autopilot for operation in day, night, and instrument meteorological conditions.
 Endurance  4 h