Da Nang is surely the fantastic destination for Helicopter Tour, and two of its famous attractions namely Hai Van Pass and Son Tra Mountain promise to make your flight the memorable experience. On the Helicopter Airbus EC130-T2 within 5 seats, the passengers can freely ease the eyes with the wonderful nature beneath.

Great Facts about Hai Van Pass and Son Tra Mountain

Hai Van Pass is the inspiring site for artistic and adventurous tourists who want to view the mist evolving from the sea. It provides the awesome scene for the photographers and painters. Besides, the thrill-seekers can also challenge themselves by conquering the twisting road. The view of the momentous Pass is excellent from the top dimension. Besides, the construction of Hai Van Tunnel makes it safer to explore the site. The natural radiance here satisfies even the most fastidious passengers.

How about Son Tra Mountain? It is the brilliant gem of Da Nang city. The precious mountain belongs to Son Tra Peninsula. Legendarily, the peninsula is favored by the angels that come to the mountain peak to sing, dance and play chess. Here, you find the famous sites like Son Tra National Conservation Park, Mui Nghe Stone, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, and Chess Board Peek. The fresh nature with the rich flora and fauna here welcomes all guests to have the perfect sightseeing tours

How Brilliant Is The Helicopter Tour To Hai Van Pass And Son Tra Mountain?

The Airbus EC130-T2 will depart from Nuoc Man Helibase of Da Nang City and directly take passengers to the significant Pass and beautiful Mountain within 30 minutes. The tour provides you all with various opportunities to record the pristine white sand, crystalline water, magnificent mountain, and enigmatic jungle. Flying along Da Nang Beach, you will then turn to the northwest of Hai Van Pass and east coastline of Son Tra Mountain.

Both the historical Pass and the heavenly Mountain assure the fact that the 30-minute Helicopter Tour from Da Nang is fully well-done. It helps you avoid the congestion as Da Nang is the newly developed tourism hub that is usually crowded. Instead of being pushed on the road, it’s much better to have the comfortable flight to the two gems of Da Nang.

You now can spread the eyes towards Hai Van Pass where is full of mist rising from the blue sea. The famous Pass looks challenging from the top view with the twisting road while the Hai Van Tunnel is functional enough for everybody to reach the Pass safely. The scenic nature here is seamless, and you will even be amazed by its top-dimension magnificence.

Sightseeing from the bird-eye view is greatly satisfactory and incomparable. The coastal magnet satisfies the passengers with the primitive beaches, rugged mountain, Intercontinental Resort and transparent seawater that enable them to view the colorful coral reef. The Vietnam’s highest Lady Buddha Statue is seen here.

Da Nang is mostly crowded by the large influx of vacationers! It’s best to enjoy the new city center of Vietnam as the free birds. So, book a 30-minute Helicopter Tour to Hai Van Pass and Son Tra Mountain, you will never forget the moments to fall in love with the scenic pictures dotted with the pink cloud, glittering water, green mountain, twister long roads, etc.