If wanting to step away from life congestion in Ho Chi Minh City, Con Dao Island should be your next getaway. Con Dao Archipelago has long been the wonderful destination, being famous for local fishermen and farmers who pursuit the simple yet interesting lifestyle. Here, the primitive seascape and the historical remnants are well kept. Whenever talking about Con Dao Island, we refer to the historical remnants, isolated beach, mysterious lagoon, forested hill, and large coral reef. The perfect blend of pure nature and significant Vietnamese history here pleases the visitors nationwide and worldwide.

Besides exploring this primitive island by land and waterway, you now can enjoy the helicopter tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao. How about chartering a helicopter for a private tour? If budget allows you to do so, don’t be reluctant to book it because this luxurious tour is definitely value-for-money. During the 1-hour-30-minute helicopter tour, your view is uninterrupted and panoramic.

A Glance at Con Dao Tourism

Whatever means of transport you choose to explore Con Dao Island such as a motorbike, taxi or bicycle, the island has many tourist attractions to delight you. Get your historical sense fulfilled by visiting Con Son Island where the prison and relics of the war are protected. The nearby beach, national park, and harbor make local tourism rich and diverse. As the scene in Con Dao is fresh and fabulous, it encourages people to stay close to nature by swimming, hiking, camping, and snorkeling.

The archipelago possesses 16 islands for satisfactory sightseeing and photographing. As an illustration, Bay Canh Island (also called Turtle Sanctuary in Vietnam) lets you see the ways how the turtles lay their eggs during the overnight stay from June to August. Moreover, the isolated beach is where you’re free to dip yourself into the transparent seawater.

When it comes to resting time, the accommodation here is more expensive than the one in the mainland. If you go with a modest budget, look for the mini hotels! Otherwise, if the budget is large enough to afford the luxurious resort, here are the good names with the high-class amenities and the bay-view rooms: Con Dao Resort, ATC Resort, Saigon Con Dao, and The Six Senses Resort. You can surely rest, relax, and play favorably in Con Dao.

Charter Helicopter to Con Dao Island

Super Puma AS332 L2

Super Puma AS332 L2

You have four great options to charter from Ho Chi Minh City:

  1. Mi-17-1V or Mi-172 of Russia (22 seats)
  2. Super Luma L1 of France (19 seats)
  3. EC-155B1 of France (11 seats)
  4. EC-225 of France (19 seats)

Within the helicopter route from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao Island, the journey will take about 1 hour 30 minutes. And, the estimated price for this high-class trip should be from USD$16.250 per one way. Contact us for more details !

Since the price is quite high and cannot meet every budget, it is specifically designed for the prestigious guests who are ready to pay money for the excitingly unparalleled traveling experience. If money can be converted into the once-in-a-lifetime experience, are you willing to pay for it? Ponder over this point so that you charter a helicopter to Con Dao Island with willingness and delight.