Vung Tau Beach has long been the most popular beach destination in the south of Vietnam for ages. Most townspeople in Ho Chi Minh City make Vung Tau their shelter or venue at the weekend or whenever they want to dip themselves into the seawater to refresh body and mind.

If you’re not ready to endure the length of 125km by self-driving or taking a taxi from bustling Ho Chi Minh City to popular Vung Tau City, there is another fantastic option to try out: charter a helicopter! This luxurious service is primarily designed for you to reach Vung Tau faster and more comfortably than ever. Why not try it at least once? It’s your turn.

A Glimpse of Vung Tau Tourism

Vung Tau City belongs to Ba Ria-Vung Tau, in the south of Vietnam. The whole city is settled at the tip of the beautiful peninsula, and it is gifted with scenic seascape, the rugged mountains, and holy religious buildings. There are lots of floating boats here that create the interesting backdrop for photographing and sightseeing. The fresh seawater and elegant sea wave encourage everybody to swim. Also, the good sandbank is ideal for sunbathing, especially during the dry season (from November to April).

Treat the feet well by walking along Vung Tau Beach, swimming, and playing various water-based activities. Travelers of all ages are eager to spend their free time relaxing and sightseeing this fine beach in the south of Vietnam. Another highlight to see is Vung Tau Lighthouse. Built in 1907, the lighthouse offers the light as far as 64.75 kilometers and the available telescopes for visitors to get the panoramic view of the city and many ships at sea from afar.

What’s more, the 28-meter Statue of Jesus Christ with the outstretched arms looks outstanding from a far distance. This giant statue has the hollow interior with the spiral staircase of 129 steps. People can ascend from the bottom of the statue to its neck, and its two shoulders are the balconies; each can hold 6 people who can enjoy the panoramic views of the fabulous scene beneath. As the largest sculpture in the south of Vietnam, this religious figure brings you the unforgettable sightseeing experience.

And in fact, Vung Tau has a rich collection of pagodas and temples for the satisfactory religious journey. The system of restaurants, hotels, resort, and golf course here also ensures your relaxation and comfort.

How to Charter Helicopter To Vung Tau ?

There are four helicopters in service that you can charter.

  1. Mi-17-1V or Mi-172 of Russia (22 seats)
  2. Super Puma L1 of France (19 seats)
  3. EC-225 of France (19 seats)
  4. EC-155B1 of France (11 seats)
Eurocopter EC 225 (19 seats)

Eurocopter EC 225 (19 seats)

Within the Helicopter Charter Service from Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau City, the helicopter takes you around 45 minutes, and the charter price may start at USD$7.500 per one way. Contact us to try it out!

It’s time to make your weekend full of joy and fun by flying to Vung Tau soon! While being on the helicopter, your view and relaxation are uninterrupted. Directly contact for the exact charter price! Consider your budget; if possible, just commence this luxury tour and you will get what you pay for it.