The Northern Vietnam Helicopter (VNH) Company signed a contract to buy two Bell 505 Jet Range X helicopters for Halong Bay sightseeing service. This purchase promotes the Halong Bay tourism with daily scenic flight for a bird-eye view of the marvelous seascape. The 15-minute scenic tour in the sky of this UNESCO Bay surely encourages you to cherish wonderful sightseeing until the last second. The upscale service with the 5-seat Bell 505 Jet Range X is about to launch in the first quarter of 2018.

VNH Signed a Contract to Buy Two Bell 505 Jet Range X Helicopters

With two Bell 505 Jet Range X helicopters, the VNH Company will use them for activities of searching, rescuing, multi-functioning, multi-task, and chartering. The price for each Bell 505 is around 1.7 million USD. These helicopters are the latest light models produced by the well-known Bell Helicopter. At the exhibition RCA 2017, Bell Helicopter displayed this model, and the significant thing was that VNH Company signed a contract to buy the two Bell 505 Jet Range X (formerly called Bell SLS – Short Light Single).

The newly redesigned model uses aerodynamic components such as rotor system of Bell 206L-4 with 2 wings, accompanied with Safran HE Arrius 2R engine, using FADEC engine controller technology for the high efficiency, the maximum flight range of 644 km, the maximum ceiling of 5672 m, and the maximum speed of 232 km/h. With FADEC, the engine can work at the maximum efficiency and automation according to each flying condition, so it helps save the pilot’s works. Also, this is the first aircraft in SLS segment equipped with GARMIN G1000H, two 10.4 inch screens providing vital information for the crew precisely and quickly which enhances the safety level and situation control. The dimension of Bell 505 is 10.53 m long, 1.52 m wide, and 3.25m high.

The interior of the helicopter can be customized due to the intended use. The 5-seat model can carry 4 passengers at maximum. The 3-seat back row is designed smartly for your comfort and safety with the seatbelt, head cover, and space for stretching legs during Halong Bay Helicopter Tours. Interestingly, Bell 505 has a clamshell open-door design and is opened from pilot’s side with 1.4 m wide. Some other modern integrated traits include ICS (Innovative Communication Systems) in the five seats, warming, and anti-fog systems, GPS/WAAS, VHF NAV, VHF COM, TAS (Traffic Advisory System), CAS (Collision Avoidance System), and more.

Travel to Halong and Enjoy Upscale Sightseeing Service with Bell 505

From the first quarter of 2018, the two 5-seat Bell 505 Jet Range X helicopters will be put constantly in Halong Bay to serve the scenic sightseeing tour every day, for 15 minutes each flight with the estimated charge is $150 per passenger. Contact Vietnam Helicopter Tours at to get more information !

This high-class service meets the desires of many travelers and couples who want the value-for-money and unique experiences in the “Bay of Descending Dragon.” While cruising seems to be the best way to discover the hidden corners of the islets, caves, and floating villages in the UNESCO heritage, helicopter scenic tour becomes the best channel to enjoy the uninterrupted panoramic seascape throughout the year.

With the upcoming presence of the two Bell 505 helicopters, travel to Halong Bay promises to become the most delightful experience that you’ve ever had in Vietnam. While the modernity of the helicopters is guaranteed scientifically, the natural charm of Halong has been complimented internationally for decades. This is also the new destination for Hollywood moviemakers. Think of your next vacation to “Bay of Descending Dragon”, and carry it out upon the launch of Halong Bay Helicopter Sightseeing Tours with Bell 505 at the start of 2018!