Emperor Cruises Halong Bay is one of the most outstanding partners with Vietnam Helicopter that together make up the fantastic sailing and flying in the world-class Halong. Proudly ranked as the UNESCO World Heritage as well as one of 7 New Wonders of the World, this destination owns emerald sea water, limestone grottoes and caves, picturesque offshore islands, idyllic floating villages, and more. If wanting to treat yourself as the kings and queens, opt for the top luxury Emperor Cruises Halong which is best partnered with the Helicopter.

The Emperor Cruises – Points of Excellence

Ranked as the “5-star floating hotel,” the ritzy Emperor Cruises Halong Bay owns the fantastic and matchless highlights to ensure your comfort and delight. Here are some of the most remarkable points of excellence.

  • The all-inclusive offer. Things have been included in the price, so you can use all of the available services on the vessel. Some of the special inclusions are the speedboat transfer, mini-bar, meals on the board, 24-hour room support, bar, art gallery, library, kids’ clubs, cinema, spa & massage, sightseeing tickets, and more.
  • The ultra-personalized service. It is feasible to customize any service according to your preference, from the places to see to the food to eat. And if you have any particular request, take it easy to tell the cruise operator in advance for the utmost preparation.
  • The private balcony. Each of your Suite Cabins owns the private balcony overlooking the bewitching sea. The full sea view is very photogenic and inspiring to awake the photography talent in you.
  • 08 Suite Cabins. All cabins are the suits of the 5-star international ranking. It features the sense of luxury, comfort, and elegance. Also, this is Vietnam’s first all-suite cruise that makes Halong Bay Cruise Tours more enjoyable than ever. The intimate and cozy stay on the board, with full amenities and facilities, pleases every discerning passenger.
  • The English-speaking Butler Service. Almost all details of your request will be taken into consideration as the staff masters the cruise’s core value to deliver the best service to the guests. “No request is too large, no detail is too small;” they are there to support 24 hours.
  • The Unlimited Concept, exceptional style. The kinglike and prestigious experiences set the Emperor Cruises Halong apart from its fellows. There, you enjoy the praiseworthy relaxation in the elegantly-designed haven.
  • The first and only floating art Cruise. Following the lavish life of Emperor Bao Dai – the last King of the Nguyen Dynasty (the 1930s), the imperial-style vessel has the exhibits of the valuable paintings that amaze the passengers worldwide. The artworks on the exquisite boutique ship enhance the luxury and distinction onboard. Each painting tells the interesting story.
  • The smart restaurant, bar, library, and massage rooms. These attentive services support your comfort throughout days and nights.
  • Inspiring Story and background. You might want to listen to the “Dream Came True” story of this cruise launch linked to the childhood dream of Pham Ha, the co-founder of the Emperor Cruises.
  • The “Experience Every Moment” Slogan. From the beginning to the end, your sailing moments are enjoyable enough to eliminate any second of boredom. It is the upscale experience that reinforces the vessel’s core value – offering the leading service and luxury to all passengers.
    Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay

    Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay

Emperor Cruises Halong 3 Days 2 Nights Program

If the time budget gives you 3 days in this haven, opt for the Emperor Hideaway 3 Days. This package brings you to the outstanding points of interest namely the wildly gorgeous Bai Tu Long Bay and the world-famous Halong Bay. Together with the fantastic Suite Cabins, the inclusive services of Vovinam practice, cooking session, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, local dining, cave exploring, royal meals, squid fishing, fishermen’s life discovery, etc., fulfill your 3 days 2 nights in Halong with the boundless joy. And of course, all cover no additional charges. The hideaway journey helps you to return with energy and happiness that you long for.

While the untouched Bay Tu Long Bay encourages you to be a part of the pure Nature, the UNESCO heritage of Halong Bay enchants you with various highlights: emerald seascape, karst islands, enigmatic and surprising caves, splendid cruising scenery, etc. What’s more, it’s always a great idea to combine your voyage with the scenic helicopter flight to obtain the bird-eye views.

Spa on Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay

Spa on Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay

Emperor Cruises Halong and Helicopter – You Deserve the Best Luxury Travel

The rejuvenating and private voyage with the Emperor Cruises Halong is fantastic itself, for sure. And, in combination with the modern Vietnam helicopter, you are able to enjoy the charm of Halong to the fullest. The helicopter grants you the “imaginative swings” to fly over the majestic ocean for minutes so that you see the matchless panorama of the UNESCO World Heritage. The bird-eye observation over the “Bay of the Descending Dragon” is worth money and expectation enough for you to see for yourself why the international sightseers love this gorgeous destination. Ready to fly? Take a seat on the helicopter and wait for the surprising flight around the enthralling seascape. The flight has no space for anxiety, and you are likely to want more minutes to stay up above the sky longer.

Once the flying rounds are over, it’s time to embark the luxurious vessel and start the happy voyages toward the spectacular spots. Not only does the vessel function as the 5-star floating hotel, but it can also work as the entertainment and healthcare centers, thanks to the inclusive services. The itinerary of 3 days 2 nights convinces of the fact that you deserve the best luxury holiday in Vietnam this way. Almost none can compare to the combined services of the Emperor Cruises Halong if partnered with the helicopter.

Contact helicopter@vietnamtravels.com to book the Best Price 3-Day-2-Night Halong Bay Exclusive Tour Package combining Emperor Cruises and Helicopter Transfer!

Food served on Emperor Cruises Halong

Food served on Emperor Cruises Halong

Book the Emperor Cruises Halong Bay 3 Days 2 Nights and experience what excellence that the other travelers have been praising this vessel. Besides the happy voyage, do not skip the opportunity to be the free birds via the scenic Helicopter Tour. Book and pay in full first! Then, you need to do nothing but enjoy the all-inclusive sailing around the slices of paradise in Halong.