Surpassing the traditional junks and cruises, the fashionable Viet Yachts become the best partners with Vietnam helicopters that together offer the delightful one-day Halong Bay Helicopter and Yacht Tours. The happy flying and sailing in the world-class Bay are what many nature lovers desire to reward themselves as the kings and the queens, who always opt for the rewarding travel. Being best partnered with the helicopter, Luxury Ha Long Bay Yacht is more than happy, which results in the incredible sailing experiences.

Halong Bay Helicopter Tours to cut travel time and enjoy fascinatingly panoramic flying

Though the Hanoi – Halong Expressway helps to cut the travel time by half, to only 2-hour drive, the busy travelers still want the better transfer option. In that sense, take advantage of the Vietnam Helicopter Tours that perfect the transfer within 45 minutes or less, plus the awesome extras of the panoramic flight above the matchless UNESCO World Heritage. It is the bird-eye contemplation that lets you understand how and why the visitors fall in love with this stunning Bay filled with emerald seawater, interestingly-shaped limestone islands, idyllic floating village, green forest, etc.

The panoramic flight on a helicopter grants you the imaginative swings so that you can fly over the legendary sea as the free lovely bird and see for yourself how magnetic the Bay could be. Are you ready to fly to the “Bay of the Descending Dragon”? The adventure is thrilling, scenic, fantastic, and distinctive that the others will admire your escape. Take your seat on the helicopter and expect for the astonishing flight over and around the marvelous seascape that is hard to find elsewhere. It is full of excitement that some of you might want the flight to last longer.

Helicopter flight charter to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi

Helicopter flight charter to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi

Halong Yacht Tours to know how luxury sailing episodes can be on the sporty yachts

After the scenic flying rounds, it’s your pleasure to embark the luxurious yacht and begin the upscale sailing episodes to the stunning sites. Not only does the yacht serve as the 5-star floating villa, but also the entertainment center thanks to the inclusive services. The top choices of Cap Camarat 6.5 WA, Cap Camarat 7.5 DC, Jeanneau Leader 36, and Jeanneau NC 14 ensure you to get what you pay for the best luxury Halong Bay Yacht Tours. Almost nothing can compete with the combined packages of the Viet yachts if partnered with the helicopter. A couple, family, or group of buddies will be pleased with this weekend escape on a large boat dedicated to the pleasure voyage. Even though you’re busy, this fast helicopter transfer combined with the yacht tour offers the wonderful one-day Luxury Halong Tours that you are longing for.

You enjoy the wide sundeck for sunbathing, the cozy cabin for true relaxation, and the kitchenette for partying anytime. Believing that you deserve the luxury travel, go on experiencing what fantasy is available on the sporty and fashionable yacht, and decide whether the upscale service is rightly made for you. Be overwhelmed by the laborious working days and nights? Want to treat yourself kindly with the pleasant sailing on a private yacht? The thrill of sailing by Halong Yacht Tours will empower you to opt for more luxurious kinds of travel as you deserve.

Enjoy Ha Long Bay in your own style!

Enjoy Ha Long Bay in your own style!

Helicopter and Yacht in Ha Long Bay – a perfect luxury combination

Halong Helicopter and Yacht tour are best partnered in a way to delight the moneyed travelers whose budget can afford the one-day luxury trips. The super-duper time on the scenic helicopter and the splendid yacht can eventually beautify your lifetime by the admirable photo albums, the bird-eye helicopter flight, the second-to-none sailing, and the timeless enjoyable moments of relaxing, playing (fishing, scuba diving, swimming, water skiing, etc.), laughing, partying, and more.

Contact the agents and they will do the rest for your fantastic sailing holiday in Halong Bay.

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