“Incredible and breathtaking” are correct adjectives to describe the helicopter flight to Co To Island from Tuan Chau on Bell 505 Jet Range X aircraft. Instead of the long drive and the speedboat trip, tourists now can consider the upmarket option of the helicopter. While the bird’s-eye sightseeing is perfect, the feeling of staying still in the air to feast the eyes is awesome. The flight will take around 70 minutes only.

Flight to Co To island with Helicopter Bell 505

Manufactured by the eminent Bell Helicopter, the Bell 505 is the latest light model equipped with top aerodynamic elements namely the rotor system of Bell 206L-4 with 2 wings, Safran HE Arrius 2R Engine, and FADEC engine controller technology. It is the 5-seat helicopter which can hold a maximum of 04 passengers who demand the high-class transfer services. Furthermore, know that this aircraft can operate at the maximum speed of 232 km/h and the maximum ceiling of 5.672 m. Other features of the seatbelt, head cover, and areas for stretching legs support your comfort and safety during the flight to Co To Island.

The Tuan Chau – Co To Helicopter Tours with Bell 505 will mark the new era of the upmarket services that you can fly between the two destinations in a quick, scenic, and comfortable way. Taking around 70 minutes, this helicopter route can create a journey of distinction that is full of opportunities for photography, sightseeing, and laughing. For your information, the distance from Tuan Chau to Cai Rong is around 69km, taking more than 1-hour drive, plus that the speedboat from Cai Rong Port to Co To Island takes another 1 hour or more. Obviously, the modern piece of aviation helps you save time and offer you more excitement but cost more dollars. The picturesque seascape makes it worth each dollar and cent.

The Bell 505 will take you over the charming Hong Van and Van Chay beaches of Co To. And, the Co To Island itself is similar to the “blue pearl” amid the ocean. You can expect to spot the Lighthouse that is the biggest lighthouse of Quang Ninh Province. Amongst 40 islands of various sizes and shapes in the Co To Island District, the Co To Island is the loveliest. You’ll definitely savor each second on the 70-minute Bell 505 Helicopter Tours.

Visit Co To Island and What to See and Do

Thanks to gifts of the tropical pristine beaches, Co To Island enchants visitors who find it inevitably to fall in love with the white sand, crystal-clear water, fresh flower, pine forest, and more. If you ask for what to see and do in Co To Quang Ninh, then the first answer is to view the beaches. Whether it is daytime or night or sunrise or sunset, the beaches remain attractive and lovely that sometimes words cannot fully describe.

Next, you can walk on the pristine path to the Lighthouse that is the highest point of the island. It is the scenic 1km-long path featured with the pine forest and fragrant wildflowers. At 70m above the sea level, the Lighthouse provides fantastic panorama. Listen! You can even hear the breath of the ocean. What’s more, enjoy a boat trip, go fishing, swimming, and snorkeling for a day of pleasure. This is also a seafood paradise serving lots of fresh and delicious dishes.

White sand beaches at Co To Island Vietnam

White sand beaches at Co To Island Vietnam

The helicopter turns to be the ideal option to cut the travel time by half. Come to check for yourself how charming and fascinating the Co To Island is, and why other travelers keep complimenting it. Your travel is more special and you know it, as you get to Co To Island from Tuan Chau on the Bell 505!

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