Also being used for flight training courses at Vietnam Helicopter – VNH Training, the superb Cabri G2 is in services of Vung Tau helicopter tour that opens the bird’s-eye sightseeing opportunities for all tourists in this famous beach city. While Vung Tau is so popular that almost every people in Saigon know and choose it as a weekend beach escape, the new services of Helicopter Tour will enhance the reputation of the destination so much that make it a must to visit nearby Saigon.

Luxury Helicopter Tours in Vung Tau with Cabri G2

If you ever want to contemplate the cityscape and sea vista, then the luxury helicopter tour in Vung Tau comes into practice to fulfill this. Not only does it offer the panoramic view of the landscape beneath, but it also extends to the offshore Con Dao Island from Vung Tau upon your desire. Manufactured by Helicopters Guimbal of France, the modern Cabri G2 secures your safety and comfort during the aerial journey of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. This channel offers a fantastically different way to feast eyes on the whole beach city, which costs from 3.5 million VND to 12 million VND.

In recent days, many tourists are surprised at the colored aircrafts with long blades that can stay still in the air and move straight upwards or downwards. Know what? That might be the Cabri G2 helicopter carrying the passenger in the designated routes for bird’s-eye sightseeing. On the Cabri G2, you will sit in the cockpit next to the pilot, which enables them to clearly observe the beach city from the top dimension, fly past the local mountains, and move around the statues or along the beaches. Of course, if you register several helicopter flights, it’s certain to receive the promotions on prices and services.

Charter helicopter flight in Vung Tau for one passenger

Charter helicopter flight in Vung Tau for one passenger

How Vung Tau Helicopter Flight Begins

Passengers will be first get the pick-up service to the heliport in order to prepare for the easy and enjoyable flight routes. To get started, they will be trained prior to the actual flight. They will watch a training video to understand some regulations. When getting onboard, they will receive the safety equipment to prepare for the aerial trip. The pilot is so nice and friendly that he is willing to answers the travelers’ questions and can serve as a “tour guide” with some introductions to the best tourist highlights or interesting spots in Vung Tau.

Take your opportunities to contemplate the marvelous panorama and capture as many photos as you like during the flight. There will also provide the infinite chances to pose next to the beautiful aircraft for the impressive albums with the Cabri G2 as the backdrop.

Do yourself a favor to be treated as the prestigious guests who will pay for the exciting bird’s-eye and private helicopter trip which is worth every dollar and cent. The moment when the aircraft begins taking off, you will have a sense of excitement which will increase dramatically in the next minutes. The elements of gorgeous beaches, pristine islets, high buildings, extensive greenery, etc., become really spectacular from the aerial view. You will be able to see how magnificent the Jesus Christ’s Statue is, how captivating the Back Beach and Front Beach are.

So if you’re interested, go ahead to contact the local tour agent and book a Vung Tau helicopter flight. The aerial adventure will be what you need to fully relish the beauty of the beach city as the free bird. While the crowds are swimming in Vung Tau’s Back or Front Beach, you can have a tour of distinction by staying still in the air on Cabri G2.

Book Scenic Vung Tau Helicopter Tour With Cabri G2 Helicopter

Charter Flight Rate in USD (Just for one passenger + one pilot only)
Flight Duration Rate
60 minutes 525
45 minutes 395
30 minutes 265
15 minutes 155

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