Choose Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay for a successful trip in the North of Vietnam? Both are spectacular and attractive, Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay are on the top in holidaymakers’ wish list, and some come to question which destination to prioritize. If you share this interest, it might be necessary to make a quick comparison between the two Bays, and then the ball is in your court. Just get first to the breathtaking place that you regard it with more affection.

Lan Ha Bay in Hai Phong Province

Lan Ha Bay is located in the east of Cat Ba Island, facing Cua Van and neighboring Halong Bay. The area of Lan Ha Bay is around 7.000 hectares, which owns the calm and pristine characteristics of 400 islands and islets, and 139 beaches of the yellow sandbank. The whole area establishes the beautiful picture of Nature that looks giant and empyreal. One thing that differentiates Lan Ha from Halong is that all of its islands are covered in greenery, even the smallest one. The serene sea with the traditional fishing village opens the perfect venue for everybody to relax and unwind.

Scattered across the islands and islets are the fishing villages that raise green mussels, geoducks, lobsters, crabs, mini crabs, grouper fish, etc. Together with yummy seafood and beautiful sightseeing, Lan Ha Bay ensures a great list of attractions to keep guests entertained so much. The must-see sites are Van Boi Beach, Luon Cave, Monkey Island (Cat Dua Island), Turtle Islet, Bell Islet, Viet Hai Fishing Village, and Dark & Light Cave. It’s obvious that Lan Ha owns some highlights on par with the celebrated Halong. And, for outdoor workouts, the best activities to do in Lan Ha Bay 2 days cruise are kayaking, cave discovery, swimming, visiting the ancient fishing village, etc., not to mention the infinite photography opportunities, having funs, and learning about the local lifestyle as well as fishing traditions.

Lan Ha Bay Cruise Tour - Less Touristy

Lan Ha Bay Cruise Tour – Less Touristy

Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province

Compared with Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay is much larger, more famous, and more favorite to the majority of tourists. As a result, “Bay of Descending Dragon” often gets crowded and people should always book cruises and hotels in advance so that their trips won’t go expensive or unavailable (at least 1 month in advance). With nearly 2.000 islands and islets of various sizes, of which some islands have names while some do not, the area of Halong Bay guarantees the extraordinary sightseeing rounds either by cruises, helicopters, or seaplanes. Experiences in Halong can last a lifetime, and it’s hard to find elsewhere that owns a similar scope and beauty like this gifted area.

Though being said to be “the second Halong Bay,” the lovely Lan Ha Bay is much smaller, less expensive, and more pristine. How about natural sightseeing and ecotourism? Yes, you can expect the somehow similar pleasure in eating seafood, playing outdoors, discovering caves, and visiting the fishing villages. As Lan Ha remains less-known to the tourists, it preserves the serene ambiance and pristine conditions while the celebrated Halong is now in the world-class level, with Guinness-recorded Halong Queen cable car, helicopter tour, seaplane tour, and numerous luxurious cruises. Certainly, the number of 4-5-star cruises in Halong is more than in Lan Ha, which somehow makes the little Bay more engaging to those that appreciate serenity and privacy, and don’t want to hustle with anybody.

Halong Bay Cruise Tour - More Crowded

Halong Bay Cruise Tour – More Crowded

Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay

As the ball is in your court, just believe in your gut and first visit the destination that appeals to you more than anything else. Either Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay is wonderfully gifted by Nature, so if you cherish it, plan for the trips. All in all, Lan Ha would be perfect for those that love the peace of mind and serene ambiance (like a “hidden Eden) while the UNESCO-listed Halong is more giantly breathtaking and so famous that most people can recognize.