Launching of Hanoi Red River Helicopter Tour on 7 December 2019 attracts the attention of many people. If scenic flights over historical and natural attractions mean a journey of distinction to you, then get to know the will-soon-be-introduced Songhong Heli Tours with Bell 505 over Red River! This aerial package makes it most feasible ever to contemplate the beautiful panorama of the well-known destination that is home to many top places in northern Vietnam. On December 7, 2019, this creative Heli-service will be inaugurated, when you can enjoy the bird’s-eye view over the age-old bridges, the historical areas, the modern golf course, etc., within and in the eastern Hanoi capital. It seems to be the best way to sightseeing the perfect harmony between the new and the old.

Hanoi Red River Helicopter Tour with

Together with Halong Bay Helicopter Tour, Hanoi Read River Scenic Flight is the new service of Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company (VNH). The service price is 3.500.000 VND/passenger, for a 15-minute scenic flight over the captivating attractions of history, culture, and even modern sites. First of all, the antique and eminent bridges in Hanoi are the musts to cherish. The bridges that will present their best for your aerial sightseeing are Long Bien Bridge, Nhat Tan Bridge, Dong Tru Bridge, and Thanh Tri Bridge. Each is unique, historical, and seems to be irreplaceable especially in the Hanoians’ culture and belief. During some next minutes, the Bell 505 with the long blades will excitingly take you over the history-themed places in the east of Hanoi Capital, such as Co Loa Citadel and Bat Trang Ceramic Village. Harmoniously settled on the areas are Long Bien Golf Course and urban premium townships of Vinhomes Riverside and Green City Ecopark. The outskirts of the capital will surprise you at their green and attractive beauty via bird’s-eye views. Long Bien Golf Course from sky

The opportunity to experience the world-class, private aircraft with perfect sightseeing of the ancient Hanoi and its surrounding areas is very exciting until the last second. It “grants you the wings” to become the free birds flying above Red River. Even more than the panoramic views, the Red River Helicopter Tours offer the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that only you can tell and share. Co Loa Citadel in Hanoi Helicopter Tour

Songhong Heli Tours by Bell 505 Jet Range X

The Bell 505 Jet Range X helicopter is the latest light model manufactured by the famous Bell Helicopter. It is selected for this new Heli tour for some reason, and the top strength might be the panoramic windows. That design makes it the No.1 choice for the aerial flights at 100-200m above the terrace. Through the large glass windows, you can feast eyes over the magnetic parts of the eastern Hanoi along the Red River. It is the clear and panoramic view that exhilarates the “wow” moments. Know that the Helicopter can accommodate 3 passengers per flight, who will together share the amazing experiences, takes pictures and videos of a lifetime, and let the marvelous landscapes be imprinted on the mind. With the maximum speed of 232 km/h, it goes round very fast, moves straight upwards and downwards that keeps you entertained almost every second.

To sum up, take the following into consideration:

  • Service price: 3.500.000 VND/passenger (=152 USD)
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Capacity: 3 passengers/flight

Sightseeing Red River from the top dimension as the free birds, you will feel new and excited. Seize the opportunity to immerse in the poetic riverscape. Meanwhile, the antique beauty of the bridges and pagodas along the riversides, the historical Bat Trang Ceramic Village, etc., are the extraordinary highlights for contemplation that can only be found in the east of Hanoi. The Hanoi Helicopter Tour with Bell 505 over Red River is the best Heli-ride that encourages your imagination. And, the top-notch experiences will turn to be the admirable photographs and videos that might even make anybody “jealous”. But of course, nothing can compare with the happy sightseeing that you really see and relish the charm of Red River as well as its surrounding attractions. Make sure to have a camera fully charged before the flight! 

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