Inauguration of Halong – Quang Ninh National Tourism Year 2018, as well as Halong Carnival 2018, will take place on April 28th in Halong City. The events will cover series of colorful celebrations and activities that can invite numerous travelers to attend. The participants of the Carnival will gain boundless fun and joy, and the memorable stories to tell.

Constructions to Support Carnival Halong 2018

Included in the events to celebrate the National Tourism Year 2018 with the theme “Halong – Heritage, Wonder, Friendly Destination,” the Carnival Halong is a significant cultural and recreational festival. This year, there are several expensive constructions that support the carnival, and it’s good to know the following before you go on:

  • The “Quang Truong Mat Troi Halong” is an indispensable part of the carnival. The Square is worth more than 2.000 billion VND invested by Sungroup, in an area of 12.6 hectares. On its completion, there will include Reception Areas, Water Park, Flower Park, Audience Stand, Outdoor Stage, etc. This is the most expensive and largest Square in the North of Vietnam. The square is Located nearby Sun World Halong Park where will held the Carnival. At present, people push the process to complete the Square prior to the inauguration of the National Tourism Year as well as the Halong Bay Carnival 2018.
  • Nguyen Van Cu Street is the first model road of Quang Ninh Province in Halong City. The Ministry of Construction invested 700 billion VND in this infrastructure improvement. The projected 6km-long road will be finished in April 2018, attempting to serve the big regional festivals.
  • Bach Dang Bridge is projected to complete prior to April 30th while the Halong – Hai Phong Highway will be finished before Vietnamese Lunar New Year. With the modern Highway, it will only take 1.5 hours to travel from Hanoi to Halong, and only 30 minutes from Hai Phong to Halong.
  • The gateway road to Halong City will be the widest road in Vietnam with up to 10 lanes. This project is expected to complete in the first Quarter of 2018.
  • Van Don International Airport will receive the first arrival flight in the second Quarter of 2018.
Colorful Halong Carnival in Quang Ninh Vietnam

Colorful Halong Carnival in Quang Ninh Vietnam

Halong Carnival – The Colorful Events of Cultural Identity

As the exciting tourism product in Quang Ninh Vietnam, the annual carnival attracts the participants of many actors, actresses, singers, dancers, musicians, students, tourists, and more. Most of the performances and audiences are the locals while the rest are the expats and foreign travelers. This is the event of light, color, music, art, and cultural identity.

Getting to Bai Chay, Halong City on April 28th on your Halong Bay Tour, you will join the animated outdoor music parties, the colorful street parades with various eye-catching costumes, and the exciting dancing on the spacious streets. The joyful atmosphere gets you steered clear of trauma or stress. All to do are to dance, sing, take photographs, mingle with the local crowds, and watch how thrilling the festival is. There will also include the sound-and-water performances and the sparkling aerial firework show that make up the unforgettable night. Halong Bay Quang Ninh will sparkle thanks to the high-tech lighting shows that leave the strong impressions on the audiences. This will be the best Halong by night that you’ve ever experienced in the UNESCO heritage land.

This time, Halong Carnival 2018 is the heart of various events included in the National Tourism 2018 held in Quang Ninh. The carnival is the wonderful opportunity for foreign visitors to enjoy the cultural identity of the destination. Not only does the city becomes recognizable for “Bay of Descending Dragon” and other natural attractions, but it is also famous for the exciting Carnival in Halong – the beautiful greeting to all guests.