Within a distance of around 67km, traveling from Tuan Chau to Van Don takes the drive of 1 hour 30 minutes that can be shortened by going on board the fantastic Bell 505 Jet Range X helicopter. The flight will be greatly enjoyable for 45 minutes that you can feast eyes on the bewitching panorama, enjoy the state of staying still in the air, and take advantage of the quick transfer.

Flight to Van Don from Tuan Chau Island by Helicopter Bell 505

As the latest light model helicopter invented by the famous Bell Helicopter, the Bell 505 is made for passengers’ utmost comfort, speed, privacy, and view. The 5-seat aircraft has a maximum capacity of 04 passengers who can expect the exciting and comfortable flight on this modern piece of aviation. The helicopter is remarkable for the aerodynamic rotor system of Bell 206L-4 with 2 wings, Safran HE Arrius 2R Engine, FADEC engine controller technology. Also, it offers the maximum speed of 232 km/h and the ceiling of 5.672 m. Comfort and safety are certain during the flight that you use the seatbelt, head cover, and spacious zone for stretching legs.

Beside flights to Halong Bay from Hanoi, It must be a spectacular flight of the Tuan Chau – Van Don Helicopter Tours with Bell 505 that will take around 45 minutes; each second will be full of excitement, photography opportunities, and sightseeing joy. As the free birds, you can fly above the captivating islands and beaches. Know that Van Don has more than 600 islands of various sizes, of which only 20 islands are inhabited, leaving the others pristine and charming. During the bird’s-eye sightseeing, you admit that Quan Lan Island, Ngoc Vung Island, and Bai Tu Long Bay are really the treasures of Nature.

While the long drive of 1 hour and 30 minutes might discourage travelers, the 45-minute helicopter tours to Van Don from Tuan Chau offer the incomparable highlights. Not only does the bird’s-eye sightseeing win praises, but the comfort and experience on board also go beyond passengers’ expectation for a typical transfer by plane. The Bell 505 Helicopter Tours appeal to people who want their dollars and cents to be invested in the right services.

Van Don Island in Quang Ninh Vietnam

Van Don Island in Quang Ninh Vietnam

Travel to Van Don Island in Quang Ninh Vietnam

Quang Ninh Tourism not only has Halong Bay and Co To but also Van Don. The scenery in Van Don remains impeccable, peaceful, and romantic for the different journeys. The destination is gifted with beaches and mountains that make vacationers feel hard to depart. The stress-free atmosphere is what people need to relax and rejuvenate during time off, and the gorgeous islands of Quan Lan and Van Don inspire them to let bygones be bygones to welcome the future.

The best time to visit Van Don is the summer (from June to September). The musts to see in Van Don are the enthralling islands, of which Quan Lan is a pristine and enchanting site. Along with that, Ngoc Vung Island can amaze you with the white sandbank, casuarina trees, relaxing beaches, and historical fortress. The islands are just perfect for various team building activities and campfire. For photography, make sure you check in the wooden bridge in Bai Dai (Long Beach) where to also find the yummy seafood. Other places of interest are the 700-year-old Cai Bau Pagoda (also called “Thien Vien Truc Lam Giac Tam”) dated back to the Tran dynasty, Quan Lan Temple, Quan Lan Pagoda, and Ba Mun Island.

So, book flight to Van Don from Tuan Chau Island, you can skip the exhausting boat trips which might be “nightmares” to those who are seasick. The aircraft will take you to Van Don in a quick, comfortable, and scenic way which results in the happy travel for sure.