Emperor Cruises Halong is amongst the best companions with helicopter service to create the awesome voyage as well as flying experiences in the well-known Halong Bay. Gifted with the emerald sea, karst formations, mysterious grottoes, thousands of spectacular islands, romantic fishing villages, etc., the UNESCO Halong Bay never fails to enchant the visitors, including you all. If you long for the upscale sailing, then work with the most luxurious 5-star channel – Emperor Cruises. Also, the partnered Vietnam helicopter flight boosts the journey to perfection.

The Matchless Highlights of Emperor Cruises

Known as the “5-star floating hotel” in Halong, the splendid Emperor Cruises possesses the excellent highlights that guarantee the passengers’ comfort and satisfaction. Take the following into consideration:

  • It offers all-inclusive basis, ultra-personalized services, and private balconies. Namely, the all-inclusive cruise means you can savor every service included in a single price as things have been paid already and at your exposure such as the speedboat transfer, 24-hour room service, mini-bar, meals on board, bar & art gallery, cinema, spa, clubs for kids, library, all sightseeing tickets, etc. And if you want the customized offers, the ultra-personalized services can make you happy. The private balconies overlook the magical sea for the full ocean view, and every angle is photogenic.
  • There are 08 Suite cabins at the 5-star international standard. Each all-suite cabin is highly luxurious and intimate. This is the first all-suite cruise in Vietnam, with all cabins are suites and equipped with the essential amenities to be worth the 5-star ranking.
  • You can take advantage of the English-speaking Butler Service. To the crew of this vessel, “no request is too large or no detail is too small”, which means every detail of your requests will be considered.
  • With the Unlimited Concept, unique style and service, the Emperor Cruises are worth being a sanctuary in which you are treated as the kinglike guests. Each moment onboard is value-for-money and delightful.
  • It’s said that this is the first and only floating art Cruise, thanks to the display of several attractive paintings which reflect the Emperor Bao Dai’s lavish life (Bao Dai was the last Emperor of the Nguyen Empire in the year of 1930s). The artworks onboard make this boat more valuable than any of its fellows.
  • The imperial-style Cruise owns good story and background linked to the childhood dream of Pham Ha, the co-founder of the Emperor Cruises, which engages the prestigious guests.
  • There, you find the convenient restaurant, bar, library, and massage.
  • The meaningful slogan of “Experience Every Moment” promises to pamper every moment of yours on the board so that you are relaxed from start to end. The defined 5-star experience is also the core value of this vessel, aiming to deliver the top excellence to the discerning guests.
    Suite Cabin on Emeperor Cruises Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Suite Cabin on Emeperor Cruises Halong Bay, Vietnam

Emperor Cruises Halong 2 Days 1 Night Program

While the imperial-style boat is so luxurious and charming that can bewitch you, the itinerary of Emperor Experience 2 Days is the best chance for you to feel the majestic Bay as well as the 5-star floating hotel. The 2-day program covers the less-crowded and beautiful destination of Bai Tu Long Bay – the wonderful alternative to the touristy places around the UNESCO Halong Bay. What’s more, the inclusive services are the healthy Vovinam session, cooking class, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, discovering caves, and eating local dishes in a royal style, mingling with the local fishermen, squid fishing, etc. In 2 days 1 night, you enjoy the kinglike experiences with no surcharges.

The off-the-beaten-track attractions let you cherish Nature in a hassle-free way. The matchless charm of the friendly locals, secluded beaches, private sailing, starry night, etc., makes your days and nights in Halong greatly memorable and sweet. Furthermore, remember what? You can choose things for your voyage via the ultra-personalized services. How about partnering it with the Vietnam helicopter? Give it a try!

Food on Emperor Cruises Halong Bay, Vietnam

Food on Emperor Cruises Halong Bay, Vietnam

Emperor Cruises Halong and Helicopter – Real Luxury Travel

Without a doubt, the 5-star Emperor Cruises offers the very own and relaxing voyage. In partnering with the exciting helicopter, your travel to Halong goes incredibly in which you are able to fly over the picturesque islands and emerald sea. It is the bird-eye and uninterrupted view via the helicopter can make you fall in love with the legendary Bay destinations. The scenic flight is comfortable, exciting, and full of surprises that exhilarate your mind and body. Take a seat on the modern helicopter and feel free to spread the eyes toward the boundless seascapes. At the moments, all life worries just vanish and you even don’t have a redundant second to think back of the vanished anxiety. The amazing joy of viewing the beautiful Nature from the top is awesome, and do not skip it if budget allows.

And after the helicopter rounds, you embark the ritzy Emperor Cruises to enter the luxurious floating hotel, recreational zone, and healthcare invitation. With the itinerary of 2 days 1 night, this upscale shelter pleases you with the matchless highlights and valuable services. The overnight stay on the board is incredibly happy, thanks to not only the Suite Cabins but also various recreational activities like squid fishing or watching cinema. The perfect combination of cruising and flying this way brings heaps of joy to you all so that you know what real luxury travel in Vietnam is. It covers no second of discomfort and monotony.

Contact helicopter@vietnamtravels.com to book the Best Price 2-Day-1-Night Halong Bay Luxury Tour Package combining Emperor Cruises and Helicopter Transfer!

Travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay by helicopter

Travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay by helicopter

Now is the best time for you to make an escape to Halong – the existing sanctuary to feel the magic of traveling that helps you to rejuvenate. Get to know the fast booking of Emperor Cruises Halong 2 Days 1 Night and enjoy the dedicated support 24 hours that ensure your voyage full of clarity and satisfaction. Book early on and pay in full to enjoy the all-inclusive cruising that you might ever desire for. All in all, start a journey of distinction on the Emperor Cruises – the vessel made from the exceptional design and impeccable offers fit for the kings and queens.