As the majestic destination set in Quang Ninh Province of Vietnam, Halong Bay has long been the existing paradise. It is recognized by UNESCO as the World Natural Heritage that wins the interest of tourists worldwide. Here, you find the huge gifts of limestone caves, grottoes, blue transparent seawater, rugged mountains, and many excellent natural essentials. The beauty of Halong is unrivaled and incomparable that makes it the ideal site for the Helicopter Tour. Nothing can replace the real stay on the helicopter that enables you sightsee the scenic attractions from the bird-eye view. 

A Glimpse of Halong Bay

Settled in the Gulf of Tokin, Halong Bay is blessed with thousands of scenic islands and islets that make up the extraordinary seascape filled with many limestone pillars and towers. Most of the islands here remain unaffected by human forces. So, the UNESCO site always stands out of the list of the must-see destinations in a lifetime. The visitors can feast the eyes with many wonderful lakes and limestone caves available on the majestic Bay.

The heavenly caves here are grouped into three main types: the old caves formed beneath the water, the old karstic foot caves framed by lateral undercutting of cliffs, and marine notch caves created at sea level. The entire natural complex in Halong Bay gets the worldwide recognition, and none denies its superior charm. On the UNESCO status, the exquisite Bay will never fail to allure any guest who sees it from any dimension.

What Makes Halong Bay the Best for Helicopter Tour?

On the Helicopter Airbus EC130-T2, the passengers can spread the eyes widely towards the endless spectacular seascape dotted with the turquoise water, limestone karst, luxurious cruises, floating boats, sandy beaches, mangrove forests, etc. Everything you need for the winsome sightseeing tour is available and thriving in Halong Bay.

Starting from Hanoi, the helicopter directly takes you to the UNESCO Bay in the fast yet totally safe and comfortable manner. Within less than an hour, you reach the natural panoramic Bay as the free birds. From the top view, you see the Bay’s gifted quintessence and man-made creativity. The presence of the busy world-class cruises below makes up the fantastic background to sightsee and photograph. The Bay is usually crowded with many cruises and junks, so, to avoid such congestion, it’s best to view its charm from the eyes of the birds.

Imagine that you now have the wings and can fly around Halong Bay! What could be more interesting than that wonderful experience? Make your dream true by 3-day, 2-day, or 1-day Halong Bay Helicopter Tour, and the UNESCO site will never disappoint you. The natural constituents here are matchless for the year-round tours. You can also stop for the Luxury Day Cruise to enjoy the great activities of cruising, kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming.

Halong Bay covers the legendary scene: from the heavens, the dragon descended and gave jade and jewel into the sea. The stress-free atmosphere here pleases even the most fastidious passengers. While being on the Helicopter Airbus EC130-T2, you get the wholesomely new feel for Halong. You are flying as the free birds to contemplate the majestic site. From the comfortable 5-seat helicopter, your view and imagination are infinite. Experience a helicopter tour to Halong Bay now, why not?

The seat-in-coach helicopter flights are availables from 10 Oct 2017 onward, please click here to get more tips !